The Challenges to Economy Development in Sub-Sahara Africa Societies

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Although the path to a meaningful economy development has been described, has to be extremely complex and the path to real development has even been considered to be more complex than an arrow pointing confidently in a direction (Lindauer & Pritchett: cited in White 2009: p.8). However, research has shown that despite this complexity some societies have been able to forge ahead in brings-about positive economic development within their societies i.e. the western developed nations. Thus, the pertinent question is that if the western developed society could be able to tackle this social phenomenon (i.e. poverty and underdevelopment) effectively and some other societies in the recent past (i.e. the Asian Tigers and the BRIC are equally making positive progress to improving the living standard of her citizenry. On the contrary, many of the Sub-Sahara Africa societies are still enmeshed in the conundrum of underdevelopment and poverty even in the 21st century. Why? This book thus seeks to provide a holistic insight and deeper understanding of the challenges of underdevelopment and economy backwardness most especially in the Sub-Sahara Africa Nations.


Kayode Onyemah Ojuyenum


A graduate of the prestigious University of Ibadan, School of History (1998). And later proceeded to Aalborg University Denmark for his M.Sc. and graduated in 2013.(major in Economy Development and International Relations) Currently a Political Economy and International Relations consultant.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


challenges, development, Economy, economy backwardness, Sub-Sahara Africa societies, underdevelopment, poverty

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