The Concept Of Islamic Family Education

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The concept of Family Education within the framework of the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in the Book of the Hadith of the Pole Al-Tis'ah, are: 1). The husband's obligation to be a leader for his wife and children in the household and family by protecting them and providing education to family members. 2). The obligation to teach the science of fardhu (ain (personal obligation) to his wife and children that is the science of monotheism (science of the Qur'an), fiqh (prayer, fasting, etc.) and Sufism (morals). The knowledge of monotheism is taught so that the aqeedah is in accordance with the aqeedah of the Sunnah wal Jamaah. The science of jurisprudence is taught so that all its worship is in accordance with the will of religion. Sufism is taught so that they are sincere in charity and can keep all their practices rather than being damaged by riya '(showing off), proud, pointing at other people and others.


Dr. Nurhadi


Mubaligh, Ustadz, Lecturer, Researcher, Observer, Legal Practitioner, Shariaand Legal Consultant (Islam, Family, Economics and Education) and Lecturer atAl-Azhar Islamic High School (STAI) Pekanbaru Riau Indonesia. The practitioner.

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The Concept, Of Islamic Family Education, According To The Words, Of The Prophet Muhammad Saw

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