Osteoporosis management

New strategy using Greek Thymus vulgaris and bee’s honey combination

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Osteoporosis, which simply means porous bone, is a disease that reduces bone density and quality, as bones get more porous and fragile. About 1.7 million persons had hip fractures worldwide in 1990 and this rate is expected to increase to 6 million in 2050. Osteoporosis has many causes, such as the long-term administration of glucocorticoids. All medications now used to treat osteoporosis have severe side effects. The book you are having in hands right now is the outcome of the recent study observations and procedures that have been shown to restore and avoid osteoporosis. This book will tell you how to prevent osteoporosis naturally and safely using a combination of Thymus vulgaris and bee’s honey. Osteoporosis induced oxidative stress, inflammation, and increased bone turnover and bone loss. The natural combination of Thymus vulgaris and bee’s honey has shown high potency in decreasing oxidative and inflammatory stress as well as promoting bone cell homeostasis. This combination is, therefore, a new therapeutic strategy for osteoporosis and health improvement.


Noha Habashy


I was awarded a master and PhD degrees from Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University (Egypt). I was employed in the same Department as instructor and assistant lecturer, then lecturer. Since joining the Science College, my goal was to complete my career as a researcher in the field of drug discovery for human diseases.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Osteoporosis, Greek Thymus vulgaris, synergistic, bee's honey

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SCIENCE / Biochemistry