Tachyon Universe

Alternative cosmology based on FTL particles

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A tachyon is a hypothetical particle that always moves faster than light speed. In this book, the author will present theories showing the cosmic background radiation (CBR) is due to Cherenkov radiation from tunneling superluminal photons created in a ZPF vacuum, cosmological redshift of propagating photons is due to energy loss induced by an interaction of them with the background field of superluminal photons generated in a ZPF vacuum, corona heating of the Sun is due to Cherenkov radiation from tachyons created inside the Sun, as a consequence of tachyon plasma created in the intergalactic space there is no dark matter and there was no Big Bang in the past caused by the instability of space-time continuum but an alternative cosmological explanation to the Big Bang can be formulated by considering tachyons created inside the hot plasma of the early Universe.


Takaaki Musha


Dr.Takaaki Musha obtained his Doctorial degree from Shinshu University. Formerly he worked as a senior research scientist at the Technical Research & Development Institute of MoD in Japan. Presently, he is a director of Advanced Science-Technology Research Organization. He published numerous papers on ZPF energy and physics of FTL particles.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


tachyon, Neutrino, cosmin background radiation, cosmological redshift, corona heating problem, big bang

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SCIENCE / Physics