Usage of QR-Codes For Urban Taxi in Yaounde

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The unprecedented increase of urban dwellers in modern societies, has led to traffic congestion. In modern society like Yaounde, quick mobility is one of the most basic needs. The number of vehicles continuously increases faster than the available road infrastructure to support them, congestion is a difficult issue to deal with and it becomes even worse in case of car accidents. The automobile users of the city of Yaounde are faced with massive traffic jams and constant delays to get to them jobs mostly when it gets rainy. Taxi drivers have to drive particularly fast in peak hours and overload the passengers. The road safety has sensitized taxi drivers about the all dangers. Traffic management is the organization, arrangement, guidance and control of both stationary and moving traffic, including pedestrians, bicyclists and all types of vehicles. Its aim is to provide for the safe, orderly and efficient movement of persons and goods, and to protect and, where possible, enhance the quality of the local environment on and adjacent to traffic facilities. Our main methodology relied to SCRUM based on an Extended Dijkstra algorithm over a QR-code distribution in different places Yaounde.


Albert Justin Zeh Bekono


Albert Justin Zeh Bekono has studied Information and Communication Technologies in Yaounde and Paderborn (Germany). As a saxophone player, he joined the Unity Big Band at the University of Paderborn. He also worked as IT Manager for C&A at Siemens IT solutions and Services in Paderborn. He became Game Designer with Java in the Enter Africa Project.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


QR-Codes, Location-based Game, scrum, Congestion Management System, INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEM

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