NLTE-10 Workshop of Relativistic Collisional Radiative Code ATMED CR

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The general purpose of this third book is to display the calculation of plasma properties with the developed code ATMED CR (ATom MEDium Collisional Radiative), considering new thermodynamic conditions or other graphical and tabulated results of plasmas also computed in the previous two books (ISBN 978-620-2-01943-9 & ISBN 978-613-9-94744-7). It also includes new diagrams for further clarification of operating schemes of temporal plasmas with profiles of variables electronic temperature Te(t) & density Ne(t), as well as of plasmas with injection of hot electrons. It also explains some of the main formalisms used for solving the equation of transport of particles and radiation inside codes for plasma physics, highlighting the more relevant formulas. It contains also a brief snapshot of nanotechnology science applied to nuclear fusion for configuring a good idea of the manufacture of some materials from which plasmas are created in high energy density facilities, transforming this third book in a perfect complement for the previous ones.


Ana Josefa Benita Cerdan


Industrial Engineer. Master of Nuclear Science and Technology. PhD in Plasma and Atomic Physics. ETSII UPM (Oct. 2010 – Sept. 2017): Master & Doctoral Thesis Elaboration: Collisional Radiative Average Atom Code Based on a Relativistic Screened Hydrogenic Atomic Model. ENERGY SECTOR (August 1999 – Sept. 2009): Project Engineer for Power Plants.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing



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SCIENCE / Physics