A New Hydrate Fromation Prediction Method

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In the oil Industry gas hydrates are a great problem that plug production and the flow lines, in order to avoid the costly losses due to presence of the hydrate after it has been formed,several methods have been created to predict when it would be formed which include thermodynamic and empirical correlation. In this research,a new correlation method which is simple and more accurate was develop with the help of a Statistical Analysis Software for predicting hydrate formation for both pure and mixture of hydrocarbon systems.I carried out a regression analysis that gave me a new correlation also with the help of using an Microsoft excel spreadsheet in the descriptive analysis of each of the existing correlations. The method correlates the hydrate formation temperature against specific gravity pressure ,watervapour pressure and viscosity The new correlation was validated after it was modelled and an error analysis to compare if it was a perfect and compare with the existing ones.Although more analysis should be carried on this model so has to check for limitations of this method.


Igbagbosanmi Bamidele


A solution provider is what I have always wanted to be, and this is why I did research on this topic.I am a graduate of the University of Ibadan Dept, of Petroleum Engineering, A current Business Analyst at a known Oil servicing Company. I hope this research doesn't help just me but the gas industry has a whole.


Princess Nwankwo


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Gas hydrate

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