Effects of Solar activity on Geomagnetic field components

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In order to inspire change and understanding of people's conceptualization of the earth and atmospheric phenomena; this book: 'Effects of Solar activity on the geomagnetic field components', portrays, in an intriguing way, the response of the earth's magnetic field to variations in the solar radiations as they daily interact with the earth's atmosphere- bringing about geomagnetic storms, which is followed by spectacular and magnificent aurorae light displays (depicted on the cover image) in aurora regions. The content of this book lays a good introduction to basic areas of atmospheric field. Nonetheless, it is presented in a subtle way for a layman in Science, and in a special way, documented it's evidence of research in a seasoned scientific report pattern, designed to serve as a guide to prepare early researchers in writing scientific report.


Odinaka Obi


Odinaka Obi is passionate about Nature. He has found himself dedicated to researches in atmospheric sciences and teaching young/intermediate students in science. He has a First class degree Masters of Atmospheric Sciences in University of Nigeria and he is the first African-born researcher to be granted NIPR fellowship award to study in NIPR Japan.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Solar radiation. solar activity, Geomagnetic storm, Coronal Mass Ejection, Aurorae lights, magnetosphere, Ionosphere, Troposphere, ring current, disturbance storm time dst, dst index, storm intensity, solar wind, geospace

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SCIENCE / General