The Convention System

The impact of the reforms of ECHR on strengthening the effectiveness and viability of the overall Convention System

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The European Court of Human Rights is the most famous, and perhaps the most successful institution of the Council of Europe. Within the Council of Europe, there is an informal opinion that the Court is a "victim" of its own success. The Court has been continuously facing an increasing influx of applications by European citizens pointing to human rights violations. This phenomenon has necessitated the implementation of effective reforms, both in the European Convention on Human Rights and in the modalities of functioning of the Court. The paper analyzes the effects of reforms that have been implemented over the years, with a focus on the efficiency of the functioning of the Court, as well as the overall Convention System related to the protection of human rights. To that end, a special review is made of the content of the declarations arising from high level conferences. The paper uses the additional protocols to the European Convention on Human Rights, in particular their content, the process of adoption and entry into force, as well as the effects they have on increasing the efficiency of the functioning of the European Court of Human Rights and overall Convention System.


Petar Pop-Arsov


Petar Pop-Arsov, Doctor of Political Sciences, Master of Law-Applied Policy and Diplomacy, Bachelor of Technology in Polymer and Organic Engineering, Ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia to the Council of Europe (2012-2018), Member of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia-President of the Committee on European Issues (2006-2011).

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


European, Convention, court, HUMAN, rights, conference, Declaration, Reforms, protocol, Efficiency, Council, Europe.

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