Political Leaders' Character Devotional

...developing next level attitudes in politics!

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Politics in the African continent has become the subject of winners-take-all and losers-have-none [especially after every election]! The mindset of majority among political stakeholders is centered on – do – whatever – to - win – whatever! This sort of survival of the fittest mentality has become a norm in [almost] all-political platforms across Africa. Several homes and communities are dejectedly forced into undeserved horrors and sorrowful experiences due to political leadership insensitivity - owing to political rivalry and unnecessary hostility between various parties. The experience of what obtains in politics around Africa is nothing to-be-called Democracy but Autocracy! It is no longer the: Government of the people, Government by the people, Government for the people! Rather it’s all about: Government of the political leaders, Government by the political leaders, Government for the political leaders! [In the light of] such character lacuna [among governmental leadership] in Africa – also the continually observed political/public leadership character deficiencies comes the birth of this resource – Political leaders’ character devotional!


Oluyadi Dominion


Dominion Destiny Oluyadi is a Certifed Enterprise Manager (CPEM); A business Certified fellow of African Institute of Enterprise Development & Management.(Lagos, Nigeria) Corporate Character Development & Management School (Lagos, Nigeria).His passion to see young entrepreneurs- Africa has earned him the honor- dr.of corporate character.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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