Zambia, the paradox of an ideal political structure

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Zambia is a third-world economy and inhabits some of the poorest people in the world. This paradox is a reason to seek for explanation behind this predicament. What could be the possible justification to this? Well, from a political point of view Zambia’s present social challenges and economic poverty may be said to be as a result of its porous political structure. This political arrangement makes the nation lack a mechanism to manage and utilize its resources for the betterment of her citizens. True as that may be, what raises deep political concerns is the wide social and economic inequality evident among citizens. Henceforth Zambia needs an ideal political structure that will accept, support, serve and defend her citizens from the current social, and economic teething troubles. Additionally I am very confident that my book will be part of the treatment for all Zambian citizens who wish to establish an ideal political structure for Zambia.


Lenox Musenga Musukwa


Musukwa Musenga LenoxStudied: BA philosophy and Special Diploma philosophy at Bonaventure University- Lusaka Zambia, Diploma in philosophy and Religious Studies at St. Augustine's philosophical College- Kabwe ZambiaProfession: Registered Teacher with Teaching council of Zambia.Work: ministry of general education, Zambia.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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