Global Terrorism & Media

9/11 & 26/11 Through The Lens of BBC & CNN

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Global Terrorism is gobbling up the World and the entire narrative & discourse on Terrorism is focused on Islamist or Jihadist Terrorism. In post 9/11(World Trade Center Attacks) scenario in West and Post 26/11(Mumbai Terror Attacks) Scenario in Asia the terrorism has spread its wing in most part of world. In this book which is also a Ph.D. work. Author debates 1- What is International Terrorism 2- What is Media's Responsibility 3- The BBC & CNN as organization 4- Coverage of 9/11 & 26/11 by BBC 4- Coverage of 9/11 & 26/11 by CNN 5- Analysis of Coverage based on in studio shows,reports,interviews,ground reports and discussions 6-Regulatory Framework on coverage of terrorism 7-Proposal guidelines for coverage of terrorism by Media Author has done intensive work by analyzing 7000 pages of transcripts on coverage of 9/11 & 26/11 by BBC & CNN and have spoken to direct sources in agencies,journalists,academic and those who worked in conflict and terror hit areas in order to reach out on conclusion. Author has also examined existing regulatory guidelines before he proposed a set of guidelines for coverage of terrorism by media. In short its a kind of bible on terrorism & media studies.


Ratnesh Dwivedi


Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi is an Award winning Academic, Award winning Security,Intelligence & Defense Expert,Interdisciplinary Scientist and Peace Prize Winner. He is Country Director/Professor/Sec,Intel & Def Expert with renowned Intelligence organization OSI Intelligence & Foundation of USA. He is Chancellor with Yesbud University,Zambia.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Terrorism, 9/11 attacks, 26/11 attacks, Mumbai Attacks, World Trade Center Attacks, George W Bush, Margrat Thatcher, India, Pakistan, USA, BBC, CNN, Television, Media, Osama Bin Laden, Cross border terrorism, Condoleza Rice

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