Computer Aided Drilling Optimization

Developing a Computer Program and Its Applications

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The main function of Drilling Engineering is to make decisions to ensure that the well is completed as safely and economically as possible. Based on this, two important methods were emphasized in this Book Project. These are (i) Penetration Rate-Cost Method and (ii) Multiple Regression Approach to calculate the optimum operating bit load and rotary speed. The application of both methods needs to solve a stack of mixed equations which were derived considering some relations and approaches. Therefore, the manual calculations are both time-consuming and risk of error. Here, an algorithm has been developed to use both methods through a computer program and the developed algorithm has been converted into the computer program running in the “Windows Operating System". With the use of this program, we can say that the process of making decisions that will ensure the completion of the well as safely and economically as possible will be faster and safely.


Cihan Gökçöl


Cihan GÖKÇÖL was born in Turkey, and he received his B.Sc. degree from Istanbul Technical Universirt in 2001 and M.Sc. degree from Gebze Institute of Technology in 2006. He has been working as a lecturer in Kirklareli University in Turkey. He has currently many research papers that have been published in various academic journals, and a book.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Drilling operations, Optimization, Computer Program, Petroleum

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TECHNOLOGY / Engineering / General