Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Nigerian's Economy

FDI's and the Nigerian Economy

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This research work study the effect of foreign direct investment (FDI) on the development of Nigeria’s Economy. The major objective of this work was to find out if FDI is impacting on the development of Nigeria’s Economy or not, other objectives of the work was to; find out the nature and scope of FDI, the relevance of FDI to Nigeria and ways by which FDI can be increased. In the review of some related literatures it was agreed that FDI do contribute to the development of Economy but some negative impact might also arise. Table and percentage were used in the presentation of data while chi-square method was employed to test the hypotheses. Base on the findings, it was concluded that FDI is contributing to the development of Nigeria’s economy, but the government need to create favourable economic policies and also check the negative impact of some FDI’s. Base on the result of the findings, the alternative hypothesis that states; that FDI is contributing to the development of Nigeria’s Economy was accepted i.e. H1 was accepted while Ho was rejected.


Akinwunmi Akanni


I am an administrator with over seven years working experience in the Nigeria Civil Service. I currently work in the Office of the Vice-President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. My first degree was in Economics and I also have an MBA, I am married with a kid.

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FDI and the Nigerian Economy

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