Atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and physiology of some winter crops

Effects of oxidised and reduced nitrogen on physiology of rice, wheat and potato crops

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The book entitled ‘Physiology of winter rice (Oryza sativa L.), wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cops with reference to atmospheric deposition of nitrogen’ provides information on the effects of oxidized and reduced nitrogen on physiological changes in the crops. The importance of nitrogen as a major element contributing to nitrogen use efficiency and productivity of the crops are elucidated in the book. In both pot and field experiments, foliar feeding of N-aerosols with lower dose at the earlier growth stages influenced nitrogen use efficiency, yield and yield attributing parameters significantly. Fluctuations of cellular cations (Ca2+ and K+ )or peroxidase activity are caused by the NHy and NOx- producing aerosols respectively, and alter cell membrane permeability. The book has a special reference to pilot study on nitrogen deposition in the province of Assam in North-east India. The study comprised estimate of wet deposited nitrogenous compounds at urban and peri-urban areas in four major populated districts of Assam (India). Thus, it signals an indication of enriching N deposition elsewhere.


Bhagawan Bharali


Date of Birth:01-09-1964, Academic degrees: B.Sc.(Agri,), M.Sc.(Agri), Ph.D.(Biology, London University), DIC (Bryophyte Physiology, Imperial college); Present position: Professor & Head (Crop Physiology), Assam, Agricultural University, India; 28 years of teaching and research experience. Previous books:2; 25 National & Intl. research papers.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Atmospheric nitrogen, Aerosols, wet deposition, dry deposition, oxidized nitrogen, reduced nitrogen, weighted hydrogen, Rice, Wheat, potato, nitrogen use efficiency, cell membrane stability, cellular cations, Abiotic Factors, photosynthesis, harvest index, yield attributes.

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SCIENCE / Horticulture