Why Do Terrorists Fall In 'Love' With Kenya?

Terrorist Attacks, Counter-Terrorism Measures and the Independence of Media Outlets in Kenya

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Terrorist attacks that have been happening day and night in almost every corner of the world remained the pertinent danger to the existence of a peaceful world. Despite the effort of governments and other stakeholders to combat terrorism, it still ill of us in an unprecedented manner. The numbers of civilian lives lost by terrorist attacks are quite a lot and irreplaceable, properties damaged are also devastated. To minimize the impact of these cruel acts a range of recommendations has forwarded. Of all, conducting research is the one. In this research-oriented book, the writer tried to see the phenomena of counter-terrorism in conjunction with the activities of media outlets in Kenya. Obviously, there is a symbiotic relationship among governments, terrorist organizations and media outlets. One affects the other in one way or another. The writer reckons that due to counter-terrorism measures taken by the government of Kenya, the independence of media outlets in Kenya has dragged down from time to time. The book is helpful to researchers, policymaker non-government organizations in particular, as well as to interested readers in general.If terrorism is not wrong, nothing is wrong.


Thomas Woldemariam


The writer of this research-oriented book is from Ethiopia. He has a master’s degree in Global Journalism from the University of NLA, Kristiansand, Norway. He worked in Ethiopian Human Rights Commission for a couple of years as a training and development expert. Previously, he published a book on human trafficking which is another dire issue.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Terrorism, Counter-terrorism measures, terrorist attacks, Independence of Media Outlets

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