Neocolonialism is Dead. Long Live Neocolonialism

Postcolonialism and World Peace

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This little book is a meditation on the nature of interactions between the Global North and the Global South during the last 200 years, that is, since the Treaty of Vienna (1815) and the illusory search for world peace and security. This is a period of world history during which European peoples exercised an unprecedented ascendancy over the non-European world. The book focuses on the dynamic quintet...imperialism, colonialism, nationalism, racism and racialism, and neocolonialism...that characterizes these interactions that have been premised on inequality. The book calls for an open-minded discussion about race and racialism that hopefully may result in a new type of relations based on equality, mutual respect, and the equal observation of the Golden Rule in international and interracial relations as the only assurance for peace in our world; and concludes by insisting on the reformation of the UN Treaty to reflect current political, economic, and military realities as a starting point.


Godfrey N. Uzoigwe


Professor of History Emeritus; D.Phil., History, Christ Church, Oxford University; Fellow, Historical Society of Nigeria; Former President Historical Society of Nigeria; widely published scholar in African history, imperial history, and colonial h; University professor and administrator in several African and American universities, 1967-2013; etc. 

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


World Peace, race relations, imperialism, colonialis, nationalis, and neocolonialism

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HISTORY / General