Preliminary Study On Destination Attributes OfNorthern Cyprus

Iranian Travelers’ Perspective

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The purpose of this study is to determine the attributes of Northern Cyprus ; Iranian travelers‟ perspective. It will be tried to determine strong and weak attributes of North Cyprus from Iranian travelers perspective. Furthermore, this study tends toexamine a conceptual model that will examine the relation between attributes, overall image, and future behaviour. The aforementioned relationship were tested by data obtained from Iranian travelers. According to the study the strong and weak cognitive attributes of Northern Cyprus have been determined. The study demonstrated that unpolluted environment, climate, calm atmosphere and safety are considered as strong cognitive attributes of North Cyprus. The weak attributes are lack of shopping facilities, lack of seasonal festivals and museums.


Mona Bouzari


Mona Bouzari is an Assistant Professor in the School of Tourism & Hotel Management at the European University of Lefke, North Cyprus. She obtained her Ph.D. from Eastern Mediterranean University, where she studied Tourism Management. Her research interests span across organizational behavior, career development, work engagement, human resources.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


destination attributes, cognitive attributes, affective attributes, North Cyprus.

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