Helminth Parasites of Freshwater Fishes

Histopathology and Histochemical Study

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Helminth parasites of fresh water fishes established one of the severe problems confronting the Indian fisheries industry. The pathological conditions arising from parasitic infections assume a high prevalence especially under crowded conditions. Fresh water fishes are common host to many species of helminth parasites that cause significant mortalities among intensive cultured and wild fish stocks. The importance of fish histopathology and histochemical study has been realized and efforts are being made to intensify work in this field in various parts of the world, especially in India. Fish disease caused by helminth parasite is one of the important problems in intensive fish farming. By keeping in view the above importance of the Freshwater fishes various aspects, the species of helminth parasites from freshwater fishes with types of, the rate of infestation with these parasites and the relationship between parasitic infection, histopathological and histophysiological effects in the gastrointestinal region is carried out. this book will be very useful for the researchers and students of parasitology in enhancing their understanding of helminth biology.


Amjadkhan Pathan


Dr. Amjadkhan Pathan is Ph.D. in Zoology. He is Head, Department of Zoology at Azad College Ausa, M.S., India. Dr. Laxmikant Dama, is a Research guide in Zoology, Biotechnology and Environmental Science at P.A.H. S.U. Solapur.


Laxmikant Dama


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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