Enhancing Managerial Competencies Through Yogic Practices

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This is a research book of Enhancing Managerial Competencies Through Yogic Practices deals with Yogic Practices, Principles on which they are based and the scientific back-ground of the same. The Yogic Practices can have real practical value, provided its principles are not mixed up with those of some other therapy. Even in some of the modern schools of Yoga, one finds a strong tendency and temptation to mix these up, either perhaps with an innocent view to obtain sanction of to add ‘elegance’ to demonstrations. Medical men, on the other hand, are prone to look upon the system as some form of special techniques. The Yogic procedures do contain some techniques, but it is to be noted that the physiology of ordinary dynamic and violent exercises cannot be applied to them. Yogic practices, however, do not consist of mere exercise; it is a composite training procedure which attention to all aspects of Managerial functions. The study was specifically focused to study the responses and behavior of the respondents on the intrinsic values like integrity, honesty, compassion, ethics morality etc. and the importance of the same in the corporate culture as a whole.


Siddappa Naragatti


B.com, PGDYS, M.A. (Phi) KUD (Kar), M.A. (Psy), KSOU, Mysore (Kar), M.A. SOLPM&Y JVBU, (Raj), PGDVES & M.B.A AU, Tamil Nadu. UGC NET. National Virtual University for Peace and Education is Awarded Honorary Doctorate in Yoga Theraphy on 24-08-20019.Served India & Abroad, working with CCRYN/MofAYUSH Govt.of India. 30 papers & 4 Books published.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Competencies, YOGIC PRACTICES MANAGER LEVEL, yoga, Yogic Practices, Therapy

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