Conflict Between Love And Jealousy In Shakespeare's 'Othello'

A Study of the Binary of Love/Jealousy; Immortality of Love

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This book is a critical study of the conflict between love and jealousy in 'Othello'. It has been critically said that 'Othello' ends with the death of love before jealousy; but this study critically shows that the play ends with the death of jealousy and the triumph of love after all. It begins with the discussion of nature and characteristics of tragedy according to Aristotle, and the concept of tragic hero. This book is intended primarily to have an in-depth discussion of the conflict between love and jealousy in Shakespeare's 'Othello'. It illustrates the concept of jealousy and its baneful effects on human behavior. It argues how the conflict between love and jealousy determines the tragic hero's behavior. It also explores the main causative factors of the binary of love/jealousy in the play, and it also discusses their types, and the effects of jealousy on human behavior. It highlights the fact that jealousy is a complex emotional state; an aggregation of various emotions which include fear, sorrow, worry, anger, bitterness, disgust and regret accompanied by brutal, anguishing and painful emotional paroxysms and lacerating symptoms.


Fuad Jadan


Fuad Ahmad Jadan, born in 1982, from Thamar-Yemen, a teacher of English Literature and linguistics. He has taught at the universities of Sana'a, Thamar and Saba' since 2010. He was granted an MA degree in English Literature, drama, from Sana'a University in 2016. He is doing his PhD in comparative English literature at Manouba University, Tunisia. 

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love, jealousy, OTHELLO, Shakespeare

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