Rich financers, who defended Columbus’s project

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In Portugal Columbus said that, he will pass the Atlantic Ocean in about 30 days in order to reach the eastern coast of Asia. Van Olmen shared this thought with Juan II after he looked through the Genoese seaman’s project. It means that, the French seaman’s expedition travelled in accordance with the transatlantic project prepared by Columbus besides the map made by Paolo Toscanelli.Santangel wanted to realize Columbus’s project as he believed that, it was important for his own future. Besides it, he believed that, new territories would be discovered and he would get a lot of wealth…Pinelli could get enough profits at the result of Colum-bus’s expeditions and he was one of the first organizers of the Chamber of Commerce (“Casa de Contratacion”) of Spain managing India in 1503”.


Ramiz Daniz


The writer, researcher and publicist Ramiz Daniz was born in Baku in 1965. He has been a President grant holder since 2009 and he is a laureate of the “Golden pen” award.Ramiz Daniz was a participant of Karabakh war. He works in the Oil Refining Factory of SOCAR. 

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Paolo Toscanelli, Christopher Columbus, “Casa de Contratacion, King Alfonso V, Spanish monarchs Isabella from Castilia and Ferdinand from Aragon, Mathematical Union, Herzog Luis de Santangel, Eratosthenes

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