Agricultural Productivity & Regional Development

North Avadh Plain in Uttar Pradesh

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A country, which has agriculture in oriented economy needs such measures which can step up agricultural productivity with a view to meet the increased demands of the ever growing population. India, a developing country, still begs behind the developed countries of the world in the level of agricultural productivity. The central as well as the state government in their various five year plans have been allocating huge amount of money for an overall improvement in the sphere of agriculture. Such efforts have shown considerable improvement in the yield per acre, resulting in increased total output of agriculture commodities, however there is still sufficient scope for increasing the productivity per head of agricultural population as well as per hectare of land. Efforts are being made to tackle the problem on priority basis and the day is not far off when the level of productivity will be at par with some of the most agriculturally developed countries of the world.


Vineet Kumar Saini


Dr. Vineet Kumar Saini born in Shahjahanpur (U.P.). He is working as Assistant Professor in Post Graduate Department of Geography in Gandhi Faiz-E- Aam (P.G.) College Shahjahanpur U.P. Dr. Saini holds Ph.D. in Geography from M.J.P.Rohilkhand University Bareilly. He has about 10 years teaching experience in Geography.

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