Noncircular orbits, duality and cartoons

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In the last chapter, the ressemblance of eccentricity zones and confetti is illustrated, but the book begins with recalling the theoretical model of Tti. From this concretized mathematical framework, various applications in Physics and real life are gathered. The Helix is found to be a powerful shape considered as a trajectory for motions as well as a densification into a particle shape. Area measures are analysed in general and for the eccentricity zone. This serves to describe pixels on a touch screen, and duality for light. The latter is exemplified in terms of Laban, the ghost. Whether transporting on a Helix, with a Fosbury flop or more usual ways, this is your traveling guide in our space-time.


Lena Strömberg


Lena J-T Strömberg completed a Licentiate degree, 1995 and worked with Process Industries and other fields of Engineering. She is the author of books and articles in Nonlinear Mechanics and Physics and currently involved in design of wind control devices and flags. The shapes are developed from the results for noncircular orbits and Tti.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Harmonics, space-time, noncircular orbit, time invariant, Helix, Shapes, flower petal, Eyes, Light, light spot, Shadow

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SCIENCE / General