Health Journalism in India

A Study Based On The Newspaper Coverage of AES and JE cases of Bihar 2019

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This book focuses on the advancement in the scope of health journalism as a profession and defines the non-partisan role of health journalists towards the public. This paper suggests going beyond the conventional standards of health journalism, which is primarily observing and reporting. However, the researcher wants to explore the third and most viable aspect of bringing behavioral change among the public on health-related issues. Thus the researcher has taken into account the newspaper coverage of the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome and Japanese Encephalitis in Bihar 2019 which is prevalent in India since the year 1955. However, this year it had a severe impact on the country and raised many questions on health administration and policies, as in the year 2019 nearly more than 150 children in Bihar died due to encephalitis outbreak. The prime objectives of this study are firstly to analyze the newspaper coverage of the Hindustan Times (Patna Edition) on Acute Encephalitis Syndrome and Japanese Encephalitis cases of Bihar 2019. Secondly to study how prominent journalists of Hindustan Times reported the AES and JE cases of Bihar in Patna edition from 11th June to 24th July 2019.


Jenitta Sabu


Jenitta Sabu is pursuing her graduation in Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication. She bagged Best Paper Presenter Award in the International Conference on Indian Cinema and Alternate Networks. Her study was based on the 'Content Evolution and Criticism - A Study Based on the Women Centric films of Bollywood'. 

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Health, Journalism, India, Bihar

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