Dark Dungeons

Stand for a better society

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This book is meant for the posterity of our future generation which lies solely on the youth. The book is to enlighten the youths on the circumstances of life which may lead to failures in life. Going through the pages of this book will help one learn the society he or she lives and makes him or her be able to cope up with some of the life constraints. It will also enable parents to know the way they should treat their children so that they become good citizens of our nation and even elsewhere in the globe where parents are faced with several challenges of poor upbringing, poverty, diseases and such like problems which hamper the growth of a country. Also being tackled in the book are some of political and economic issues affecting the African continent at large.


Willis Ochieng Odero


Mr. Willis Ochieng Odero hails from a remote part of Kisumu County in Kenya, but currently is in Nairobi, where currently is working as a Legal Consultant with Justice Defenders after re-branding; it was initially known as African Prisons Project. The author managed to defy all the odds (poverty, imprisonment, etc.) to become a lawyer.

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JustFiction Edition


society, makes a person, person, Prison, law

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