COVID-19 And other Poems Volume - IV

Tips for Kids

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The Poetry book is a collection of other poems and poems on tips for kids against the Coronavirus pandemic which has currently invaded our world in 2019/2020. Children should be aware and careful as the virus can infect humans and animals. Covid-19 is a newly discovered (or newly created) virus in 2019.In this book, I write openly and honestly as support for children about the Coronavirus. The poems focused on parenting tips, keeping it positive and teaching and learning through play. Keeping calm and managing stress are sub-themes. All written in sing-song rhyme and rhythm with repetition. In the collection of poems as a linguist, I used the didactic method in the entertaining and teaching process, as I intended to teach children moral lessons on the Coronavirus.The book is suitable for the season, for kids to learn and to release tension. The language of poetry here is simple and direct unlike most symbolic literary works. I employed both use of imagery and repetition mostly to achieve rhythms and rhymes. - "This work is timeless, it would be impactful by way of educating children and all readers." - Prof. S.N.A. Agoro


Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies


Mercy Olufunmilayo Adesanya-Davies, B.A (Ife), M.A English (Ilorin), Ph.D Applied Linguistics & Communication Studies (Port Harcourt) and P.G.D.E (Port Harcourt) is a linguist, educationist and an expert in the field of communication studies. She also holds a Doctor of Divinity (Honoris causa) of North Western Christian University, USA.

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