Scoring system and risk assessment in Russian Federation

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The book discusses scoring as a tool for managing credit risk, its main characteristics, as well as the mechanism of its implementation and methods of reducing overdue debt. Credit institutions have a complex multi-level system of risks, a comprehensive and objective assessment of which plays a key role in ensuring the financial stability of each credit institution and the stable development of the banking system as a whole. Scoring consists in determining the total credit score of the borrower as a result of its evaluation by a number of criteria. There are scoring models to assess the creditworthiness of individuals, legal entities and small businesses. The introduction of the credit scoring system will allow the Bank to obtain the desired competitive advantage-long-term benefit from the use of a strategy that creates consumer value, based on a unique combination of internal resources and abilities. Sustainable competitive advantage enables businesses to maintain and improve their competitive position in the market and survive in the fight against competitors for a long time.


Daniil Malygin


Dear Readers!Let me introduce myself. My name is Daniil Malygin, work as business analyst in one of the biggest banks in RF. Have bachelor degree in Finance and Credit, and Master in Management of large enterprises. Hope my book will help You to understand scoring system in RF, and how to implement it in a real bank.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Scoring system, risk assessment, Bank, Credit operations, Customer crediting

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