Husseinist Theater Theory Under Explication

(Part 3)

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Believe or not, all religions on earth plunge into effulgence and interactivity to serve man ,to mould his hectic days and to guide him to piety ; peace and passivity, forgiveness and tolerance man grapples being between , one is what should be in line with his religion; conscience , no way to subvert , in time , one intends to be highly engrossed in doing benevolence: it is a human propensity for candour and truth. In Islam and Christianity there are many mutual and concomitant lines of consensus; people in these two religions exert themselves to attend the mosque and the church and fathom the importance beyond the ritual meetings to nourish the mind, the more the human mind burgeons, the more he persists in doing good and justice to all; man prospects lines and words for salvation, here it is a kind of indoctrination. In Islam, the Friday Salat could be a fount of purging and purifying the human souls; man endeavours to denude himself of all the sorts of abomination.


Haider Al-Moosawi


Professor. Haider Al-Moosawi is a literature teacher in the university of Babylon with a tremendous propensity, as a pioneer, for the modern Islamic literature, " literature for the sake of humanity " pertinent to the Ahalalbayt (Peace be upon them) school of humanity promulgating peace to cull panaceas, not nostrums, for the mankind wails.

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Theory Under Explication

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