Husseinist Theater Theory Under Explication

(Part 2)

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To the best of man , humanitarian chefs d`oeuvre surge into horizons either to preach him or edify his mind , or rather both to hold certain missions into paramountcy . The present day turbulence flouts human volition to take a dreg further ; in part life grows sophisticated , in part escalating shouts for edifying literature move momentum . Consequently , Al-Husseini theatre theory finds a headway in reality and purports certain goals that meet the requirements of modernity. Man strives from dawn to dusk to keep himself on a subsistence level; holds his ethos to his heart and grits his teeth to cast felicity and contentment in a community . Sometimes he feels forlorn and desires to be in one trench with other people , sometimes not does he run counter to a violent meandering tide just to shield a precept or a doctrine . Such obsessive convulsions lead him , intermittently , to whisper :Never give up on your dreams and goals,Even though it seems too lateThe Almighty God who is in control,Will send blessings to you if you wait.


Haider Al-Moosawi


Professor. Haider Al-Moosawi is a literature teacher in the university of Babylon with a tremendous propensity, as a pioneer, for the modern Islamic literature, " literature for the sake of humanity " pertinent to the Ahalalbayt (Peace be upon them) school of humanity promulgating peace to cull panaceas, not nostrums, for the mankind wails.

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Husseinist Theater Theory

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