The Handbook on Basic Principles of Biology

An Implemented Analytical Study

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An unending rope of knowledge is Science. The mysterious evolution theories have laid the foundation of Biology and the study of biology has revealed out an elegant truth of origin of life. Exploring the hidden science is now the biggest challenge in front of world scientists. Getting much deep in science and sailing out the sand of knowledge from it’s womb is ultimately the task needs toiling hard day and night. Despite of afflictions and havoc, the scientists are consolidating their mind and have an unwavering attitude to evoke the best from it. This book is a platform provided to ravenous readers and promising students. It is very well said that, “a book is a Levant seeking a wisdom by right person”. This book may serve the basic knowledge to the students who are in designation of perfecting their practical hands. The book is based on some research carried out to evaluate the pest reduction by using natural ingredients. The present book can be manipulated most often by Chemists, Microbiologists and Botanists because the book contains basic experiments to enhance and improve several vital daily practices which are excessively performed by chemical hands.


Aishwarya A. Andhare


Aishwarya Andhare is a Renowned author, researcher & speaker. She is Recognized reviewer of Heliyon (Elsevier Journal) & Brand Ambassador of Bentham Science, U.A.E. She has published 5 International books, 8 research papers, 5 chapters. She is awarded as "Young Researcher of 2019" by Western Sydney University, Australia & honored with 40 awards.

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Green Medicine, Antimicrobial susceptibility, green synthesis

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