Electronic and Dielectric Properties of Graphene and Graphene Oxide

Superior Electronic and Dielectric Properties of Corrugated Electrochemically Reduced Graphene over Graphene Oxide Paper

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This work establishes that the frequency and temperature-dependent electronic and dielectric properties of electrochemically reduced graphene (ERGO) are higher than graphene oxide (GO) papers by 2 orders of magnitude. There is stronger polarization as a result of increased concentration of reduced clusters and thinning of graphene sheets in ERGO papers, first ever electrochemically reduced paper from GO. In GO, there is a greater dependence on frequency due to a higher percentage of interlayer O–H bonds. Dielectric permittivity increases with decreasing frequency due to stronger polarization and reduced conduction losses. At very high frequencies, greater conduction losses are responsible for lower values of dielectric permittivity of ERGO papers compared to GO papers. The profile of temperature dependent conductivity was due to thermally activated transport, residence time and ionic scattering of charge carriers. The recovery of conducting and dielectric properties at higher temperatures were due to the transition from graphene–ion–cloud to a graphene–air dielectric multi-nano-capacitor system.


Oluwaseun John Dada


* Prof. Dr. Oluwaseun John Dada is Professorial Chair of Signature EcoSystems Technologies. He has worked over over the past 8 years on NanoScale materials, advanced materials manufacturing and applications, and over 10 years in Metallurgy and Aluminium Manufacturing.

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Electronic; Dielectrics; Graphene; Conductivity; Electrochemistry; Reduction; XRD; Characterizations

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