Soft turning points

separation axioms in soft topology

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The main idea of this BOOK depends on the soft ideal study and its characteristics and types on the family of the soft set and it determines, new types of maximal soft ideal: Ҫ- soft ideal and 2^Ӽ ̃ ̃ - soft ideal. The soft open are used to define a special type of soft ideals as Ş-soft ideal and ß-soft ideal. The most important part of this research is to find points approaching which are determined in soft ideal topological spaces, then their relationships with soft separation axiom and soft compact spaces.Tow special types of these soft points are qualified and we called the first point soft turning point and we have got the most important theory which binds them to soft Ţ_0_space. Also, we have got a new result connecting these points with soft separation axioms properties which is dealing with this point.Also, we have a new type of soft separation axioms SŢĮ ̃ ̃_1-space and SŢĮ ̃ ̃_(1/2)-space.The last part of this research is devoted to study and identify the second and last type of the approaching points which we called soft bench point, and studying their relationship with soft turning point and their relationship with the types of soft ideals and compactness.


Luay A.A. AL-Swidi


Prof. Dr. Luay Abd- AL-Haine AL-SwidiDepartment of Mathematics, College of Education for Pure Sciences, University of Babylon, Iraq Fatima Saleem Sahib AzizDepartment of Mathematics, College of Education for Pure Sciences, University of Kerbala, Iraq 


Fatima S.S. Aziz


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Noor Publishing


soft set, separation axioms, soft idealمجموعة ناعمة, بديهيات الفصل, مثالية ناعمة

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