Moroccan Women's Rights Between Progress and Challanges

Moroccan Women's Rights Between Progress and Challanges

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The issue of women’s right has been the subject matter of a large number of studies carried out withinthe changes that happen to women‘s right and their status, it has occupied a great position among researchers, each one according to his or her field of interest. All the writers who wrote on this subject have the same vision on it, all of them have the same purpose which is to spotlight on women’s issue and to tackle the different challenges that women face in their basic life.Moroccan women have known a great development on the level of their rights especially after the amendment that has been made to the family code ‘Modawanna’concerning marriage, divorce, child custody, alimony, and inheritance. These amendments were made with the contribution of many feminist movements and women’s organizations likeUnion Nationale des Femmes Marocaines (UNFM) and Union de l’Action Feminine ( UAF).. However, today Moroccan women still face number of limitations and challenges that oppress and humiliate their rights also deprive them of integrating effectively in the public sphere.


Halima Tahiri


Halima Tahiri is an English teacher in Morocco, she holds her BA degree in English language from the university of Soultan Moulay Smail in Meknes and a master degree in gender studies from the university of Soultan Moulay Sliman in Beni Mellal. She is a member in insat association for combating violence against women in beni mellal , 

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Evolution, challenges, women ‘s rights, Moroccan family code Mudawana, sexual harassment, stereotypes, Violence, UNFM, UAF

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SOCIAL SCIENCE / Gender Studies