Start-Ups and Venture Capital: Lessons for Developing Countries

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This book examines the promotion of venture capital in Israel`s high-tech industry. The financing of high-tech industry has been a challenge in many countries due to the risks associated with these industries. The author believes that the Israeli case study demonstrates some of the major economic challenges facing governments of the day and that the promotion of venture capital in high-tech industry provides some solutions to these challenges. Although a number of researches have been carried out with regards to start-ups and venture capital, very few if any have been dedicated towards the promotion of venture capital in the high-tech industry in Israel. Israel was chosen due to a number of factors that surrounds its transformation into a Start-Up and Innovation Nation with more companies listed on the NASDAQ outside the United States of America since its inception in 1948 due to the co-existence of start-ups and venture capital. It is, however, the author`s conviction that through this book a number of countries will consider venture capital as a critical vehicle for foreign direct investment. This book is critical for policy formulation and implementation in developing countries.


Alexander Maune


Alexander Maune is a Talmudist, researcher and author. He holds a BCom Accounting degree, MSc Banking and Finance, PhD in Business Intelligence and Diploma in Management Accounting. He has worked for Standard Chartered Bank as a Business Finance Analyst. He is a research associate at University of South Africa. He is a reader in Austrian Economics.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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