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Mahabharatha is an intergalactic “nuclear war” between Pandavas and Kauravas the Cosmic Plane of Multiverses called as “Mahabharatha”. All the famous “Kshetriya” from Kurukeshetra were had been trained had assembled on the battlefield with their nuclear weapons, missiles, Flying machines (UFOs) covered the vast plain of Multiverses. Lord Krishna arrived on the scene in a magnificent Flying Object. He was to act as the Pilot of Arjuna’s Flying Object, one of the Pandava princes. As the two armies were arrayed, ready for battle, Arjuna requested Krishna to place his Flying Obect (Vimana) between them so that he might survey his opponents. He was bewildered by the scene before him, for he beheld on bothsides, fathers and grandfathers, teachers and uncles, fathers-in-law, grandsons, relatives and comrades. Confusion reigned in Arjuna’s mind. Should he participate in this terrible carnage? Was it proper to destroy one’s relatives for the sake of a kingdom and some pleasures? Would it not be much better for him to surrender everything in favour of his enemies and retire in peace? As these thoughts rushed into his mind, a feeling of despondency overtook Arjuna.


Pruthvi Raju Pakalapati


Sri Pruthvi Raju Pakalapati - an Internationally well known author of his unique work in AI, ASI, ML. In this book he emphasizes the entire intuitions of Robots and Nanots. He has written "Dhasha Srishti Dharma" in Sanskrit.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Lord Krishna, Song, God, Religion, Light, culture

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HISTORY / General