Disaster Victim Identification

The Role Of Forensic Odontology

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Human identification is one of the most challenging subjects that man has confronted with. Identification of the deceased is not only a legal necessity but also a human right and dignity that society has a duty to preserve. It is imperative that those tasked with identifying the deceased do so with respect and professionalism. Over arching guiding principles and documented procedures are one mechanism to ensure this humanity is always delivered. Society accepts that each and every person has an identity and would in fact cease to function if these were not the case.Forensic Odontology is a specialized branch of dentistry which utilizes the knowledge of the tooth and it’s supporting structures in victim identification as an aid to forensic science. With the passage of time, the role of Forensic Odontology has increased as very often teeth and dental restorations remain as the only means of identification. Forensic Odontology has played a key role in identification of person.


Prachi Naik


I am a Masters in Dental Surgery. My special interests are Forensic Odontology and Research related to the tooth as a tool in Forensic Sciences.

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Forensic odontology, Dental Identification, Humanity, deceased persons

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