Ultrasonic, Volumetric And Viscometric Study In Aqueous Solutions

Ultrasonic, Volumetric And Viscometric Studys

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The properties of liquid mixtures and solutions can be altered repeatedly within a reasonable area by differing the concentration till an excellent value of some desired parameter is obtain. The pure liquids lack such flexibility. The study of properties of liquid mixtures and solutions finds direct application in chemical, biochemical and medical industry. Speed of sound, itself, is highly sensitive to the structure and interactions present in liquid schemes as it is fundamentally related to the binding forces between the constituents of the intermediate. The measurement of speed of sound in liquids enables persistence of some useful acoustic and thermodynamic parameters that are found to be very sensitive to molecular interactions. Hence such measurements are useful to study the nature and strength of molecular interactions in liquid mixtures.Water and alcohol mixtures show unique maxima and minima in their thermodynamic and acoustic properties at low alcohol concentrations. The formation of such maxima/minima in some aqueous solutions of electrolytes and in non-aqueous solutions is also reported in literature.


Chintu Patel


Dr. Chintu Jayantibhai Patel, holding Ph.D Degree in dielectric, ultrasonic and volumetric study from pacific academy of higher education and research university, Udaipur. he has present 5 poster paper also 10 attending conference and published 5 research papers in national and international journals and 4 books publication.

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ultrasonic, Volumetric, Viscometric, In Aqueous Solutions

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