Biswas Theorem

An Elaborate Study

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Bystematics Vol. I and II My Classic is a fundamental research and a good number of readers and professionals appreciated the books. This book “Biswas Theorem, an elaborate study” focused on an interesting point contained in Bystematics Vol. II My Classic. Biswas Theorem is a new theorem where the sample points can be calculated of the experiment “M sided N dice taken V at a time in which X is observed in the first way or Y is observed in the second way or X, Y are observed in the both way at a time”. The book written in four parts as Biswas experiment, Biswas space, Biswas theorem and Biswas distribution. Beside Biswas theorem, the related theorems like EB theorem, IB theorem, CB theorem and GB theorem are also discussed. An useful distribution like Biswas distribution and its related distributions are inserted in the book. Biswas theorem and Biswas distribution are the new additions in conbinatorics and probability theory. The book has been written considering the needs of the graduates.


Deapon Biswas


Deapon Biswas, born on 30 November, 1967 in Chattogram, Bangladesh. Graduated from Chittagong College and studied Statistics at Chittagong University. Author of the books Bystematics My Clasic, Swapnomakha Dinguli, Saarvikaion Aadorshika or Modelling of Generancy, an Indian philosophy book etc. Working at a private concern in Chattogram.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Biswas experiment, Biswas space, Biswas theorem and Biswas distribution

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