Enterprise Anthropology

The Fourth Evolution of Anthropology

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Anthropology is a science to reveal the rule of human development. It has formed various sub-disciplines to specifically examine different aspects of human society in its development process, for instance, urban anthropology, enterprise anthropology, anthropology of religion, anthropology of art, political anthropology, anthropology of law, medical anthropology, sports anthropology, etc. Enterprise Anthropology is very different from other sub-disciplines of anthropology (such as Urban Anthropology, Medical Anthropology and so on), which use theories and methodologies of anthropology to research other fields (for example, urban, medicine and so on), but do not develop a new paradigm. Enterprise Anthropology has been integrated into an international discipline, which has formed its own new paradigm. It takes “Social-economic Transformation” theory as its new fundamental theory, and changes its paradigm from an old one into a new one.


Jijiao Zhang


In 2009, I became founder and Chair, Commission on Enterprise Anthropology (CEA) of IUAES during the 16th Kunming World Congress. In 2013, I was elected to be Chair, Commission on Enterprise Anthropology (CEA) of IUAES again, and then I was voted to be Deputy Head, Commission Council of IUAES during the 17th Manchester World Congress in UK.

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Enterprise Anthropology, Soical Structural Research, institution

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