The Rise and Decline of Center Right Parties in Turkey

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Political parties have always played a significant role in world politics. They have been deployed according to developments and changing movements in world politics, as their internal politics are shaped in conformity to these relevant movements in world. As there are new political parties emerging with the influence of ideological movements, it has recently been observed that many already existing parties have gone through a process of transformation and started to develop policies that are pretty much in parallel to ideologies preponderating world politics. While politics and ideologies dominating the world are significant factors affecting features of political parties, another noteworthy factor is political culture. Political culture is one of the most important factors shaped according to behaviors of political parties, electorate and candidates. Consequently, center right parties have emerged as a result of an intersection of these three factors, as well. The aim of this book is to explore the general features of center right parties in Turkey.


Hasan Tekin Enerem


Enerem had his BSC and MSC from İTÜ. He holds his PhD from Yeditepe University.He started to take part in politics in 1984.He became the 20th Term Member of Parliament from Istanbul at the Turkish Grand National Assembly between the years 1995 and 1999.He served as Vice President of OSCE in 1998. He is a faculty member at the Yeditepe University.

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Turkish politics, center-right, political parties, center right parties in Turkey

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