Design and Characterization of a Novel Integrated Ring Resonator

Integrated photonics for optical communication and sensing

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This work presents a novel ring resonator design. The demonstrated hybrid-waveguide ring resonator takes advantage of both, a highly effcient slot-waveguide based phase shifter and a low loss strip-waveguide in a single ring. The device is realized on 200 mm silicon-on-insulator wafers and covered by an electro-optic polymer in a post-processing step. The fabricated device has a small footprint and low optical losses, while at the same time a remarkable high electro-optical response in terms of DC device tunability is obtained. It is shown that the hybrid-waveguide ring resonator is a promising candidate for effcient optical switches, tunable flters, and modulators with low energy consumption. Moreover, the present work proposes the hybrid-waveguide ring resonator for on-chip optical sensing. It is shown that the innovative ring geometry provides the unique feature to increase the sensitivity while maintaining low optical losses. Thus, this resonator structure may represent a promising alternative approach for future integrated sensors.


Patrick Steglich


Patrick Steglich is scientist at IHP (Leibniz-Institute für innovative Mikroelektronik), Germany. He studied photonics at the Technische Hochschule Wildau and received his PhD degree in industrial engineering from the Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata" in 2017.

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Photonics, Electro-Optical Devices, Ring Resonator, Integrated Photonics, Silicon Photonics, Silicon-Organic Hybrid Photonics, integrated optics, Optical Sensor, Biophotonics

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