Preparation and Mechanical Modelling of Magneto-sensitive Elastomers

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Magneto-sensitive elastomers (MSE) are self-adjusting materials. They are able to react in a target-oriented acting to changes in operating or environmental conditions. Prepared by mixing magnetic fillers within the rubber matrix, the performance of MSE mainly depends on the filler particles, the vulcanisation process and the applied external magnetic field during use. It was found that the magnetic filler strongly affects the reinforcement potential of MSE as well as its sensitivity to external magnetic field. By curing in an external magnetic field, anisotropic samples with oriented magnetic filler particles can be prepared. The distribution of magnetic filler particles within the MSE samples considerably influence the magneto-mechanical response of MSE. The micromechanical dynamical flocculation model was used to model the measurement data. Some fit parameters were governed by the external magnetic field during application, confirming that changing the magnetic properties of the surroundings inevitably influences the magneto-mechanical properties of MSE.


Sahbi Aloui


Sahbi Aloui studied physics at the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover in Germany. He obtained a diploma in theoretical physics in 2011 and a doctorate in the field of Polymer Materials in 2018. From 2012 to 2017 he was a research associate at the German Institute of Rubber Technology DIK in the department Material Concepts and Modelling.

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Smart Materials, magneto-sensitive elastomers, orientation of magnetic filler particles, switching effect, magneto-mechanical behaviour, hybrid magnetic filler systems

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SCIENCE / Chemistry / Physical & Theoretical