Optical Bistability with Fabry - Perot Etalon as a Photonic Switching

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With the development of laser technology, especially with production of ultra-short pulsed lasers in the range of (10-9-10-18) sec, a possibility of generating and transmitting a large amount of data with Gigahertz multiples. This is reflected in the great advances in communication and internet services, computer's processors, guided weapons and others. Many techniques were introduced to be used in the action of photonic switching including the use of Kerr effect in the crystals as well as the use of Fabry-Perot etalon and other modulator. As a result, new technologies were emerged, such as optical computer. Switching is a fundamental activity in communication networks. In addition, it is a basic operation in advanced PCs and signal processing systems. The present rapid development of high rate fiber optic communication systems has driven a requirement high frequency repeaters and terminal systems for ultra-fast photonic switches. Similarly, the potential for optical processing and computing can only be realized if large arrays of high speed photonic switches, gates and memory elements are developed.


Baha'a A.M. Al-Hilli


I received a BSc. in Physics in 1992, and MSc. (Solid State Physics) in 1999 from University of Al- Mustansiriyah , and worked in the field of laser and optoelectronics research. I received PhD in Applied Science from the University of Technology 2007, and I worked as a university Lecturer from 2006 up to now in addition to scientific research.


Hussien A. Mohammed


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Noor Publishing


photonic, optical, switching, bistability

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