The Concept of Information in Biology

A Viewpoint different from Conventional Biology

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Information is one of the most important concepts and probably the most debated over topic today. Though it was originally introduced by Shannon to work out mathematical models of computation, it extends far beyond it. Initially it addressed matters pertaining to communication systems but now it has been variously applied in fields like cognitive science, computer science, molecular biology and quantum mechanics. It is evident that this idea of information has undergone several conceptual changes to be able to give a remedial explanation for many processes in both living and non-living systems.The book suggests alternate models which can help us to understand the concept of information used in Biology.The context, meaning of information used also becomes clear.The book first lays down the definitions of information and shortcomings of the existing models.Secondly it criticizes the point that the current concept of information used for biological systems is acausal.New concepts like those of semantic information are invoked and also an insight is developed regarding the ‘Intentionality in Biological systems.


Jayant Mishra


Prof.Jayant Mishra is a computational biologist &avid researcher.His areas include Cognitive Science, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Cancer Biology, Drug Designing and Consciousness Studies. His interdisciplinary researches include the frontiers of Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Neurosciences ,Cons. Studies, Foundational Problems in Biology

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


informational biology, Intentionality, bioinformatics, Semantic information, Molecular Biology, shannon model, theory of mind

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SCIENCE / Biology