Teaching out of the box

A Breathing Space for Learners

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Students of the new generation are totally different from those of old one because they witnessed epochs full of stress and anxiety that have a strong impact on their moral behaviour, therefore feel disturbed. In order to help them hit their distress and decompress their nerves, mainly in teaching, we find it advisable to orient them towards some ways of learning that are presumably fruitful such as the use of some entertaining activities inside or outside the classroom, the utilization of some games to interact with people throughout social media such as Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, and others because teaching and learning are not restricted solely to classroom that is called the black box. This book is about teaching out of the box that we have experienced with various types of learners; students at the University, young children playing games, scientific students aiming to learn English to make an echo to their researches, and web users on Facebook. We expect that this book will serve as a resource for students, teachers and parents and help them to discover other strategies in the field of teaching as well as orient their children towards the activity of learning.


Mohammed Dib


M. Dib is a Doctor at the University of Mascara in the English department. He studied at the University of Tlemcen, where he received his licence in English, his magister and his doctorate in applied linguistcs (Eng-Ara). His area of interest is contrastive studies in English and Arabic, phonetics, phonology, speech processing and speech recognition.

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