From UWB to SWB Printed Antenna

Extending the frequency coverage of UWB Printed Antennas

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This book describes how to define, design and optimize a super wide band printed antenna. The proposed SWB antenna covers the entire standard SHF band (3 to 30 GHz) and a part of the EHF band (30 to 300 GHz)A detailed study has been done on the design parameters of planar monopole UWB antennas. A design procedure has been proposed to extend the bandwidth of planar monopole UWB antennas towards the proposed SWB antenna.Different design parameters have been studied and generic outlines have been determined to optimize each of them for the goal of maximum bandwidth.An additional technique for UWB antenna performance enhancement has been proposed. Extensive simulations on the proposed technique have been done to study the possible effects of its different parameters on the antenna performance. The results of the case study are very promising; since all the UWB antenna performance parameters have been simultaneously enhanced. Further studies should be done to discover the conditions and limitations of its application and how to get the best possible antenna performance in different cases.


Aladdin Assisi


ALADDIN ASSISI• Consultant engineer• Microwave receiver expert• Formerly Ass. Prof. in the MTC• RF system and circuit design expert• More than 40 years experience and 24 published papersM. Y. ELHEFNAWY• PhD candidate in electrical engineering, SWB Antenna Design• Msc. In UWB Antenna Design• More than 20 years experience and 5 published papers


Muhammad Yassin


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


UWB Antenna, SWB antenna, printed monopole antenna, Antenna Performance

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COMPUTERS / Input-Output Equipment