Theory of Mechanisms

The calculate of different details such as the cogwheel, reducer, balancing of the wheel, cam's mechanism in vehicle.

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Attention this book to use only the educational purposes. This book allows you to calculate the engine and the transmission of a vehicle. 1. Calculate the displacement, speed, acceleration of the main details in the internal combustion engines (piston engines). 2. Calculate the forces acting on the main details in the internal combustion engine. 3. Determine the power of the engine. 4. To calculate the cam mechanism that is necessary for the operation of the valves 5. Write the equation of motion in differential form using equations of mathematical physics. 6. Calculate the flywheel and wheel balancing. 7. Calculate the gearbox, planetary gearbox or differential gearbox. 8. Calculate friction gear. 9. Designing a tooth profile for gearing. "Theory of Mechanisms" is a written both in English and Russian.


Petr Tsarenko


When I have free time I bicycle,do wildlife hunting and nature using the photo, video.When the weather is bad I am studying language, writting the educational books,repairing mechanisms,computers,various home devices and looking for a wife for create a family petr972nis@gmail.com.I like to teach my students using individual method for each person.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Mechanical Engineering, Engine, Piston, balancing, Wheel, velocity, accelerate, Force, vehicle, Cogwheel, gearbox, Reducer

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SCIENCE / Mechanics