Phenerogmaic Botany Laboratory Manual

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This Laboratory Manual is prepared for the course ‘phenerogmaic botany Practice (Biol 322)’ which is given to all year three students joining the biology department the School of Natural and Computational Science, Hawassa University. The course has 14 laboratory studies with different sessions. Author for this manual recommend that the students should familiarize themselves by reading the experiments to be performed in the manual. Therefore the experiments should be read before coming to the laboratory, but the practical exercise should be done in the laboratory class itself. The students should individually prepare a report and submit the report at the end of each experiment. Each lab session has three hours. The background given in each laboratory study will give sufficient theoretical information about the laboratory work. and this book is study about flowering and non flowering plant.


Mosisa Daba


Mosisa Daba - B.SC degree in Applied Biology, from Hawassa University, Ethiopia. Worked Five years in Hawassa University Biology lab Technician, Organized lab.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Gymnosperms, fruit, Anther, Root, STEM, Leaf and Herbarium, angiosperms, flower, Fleshy Fruit Seed, Seedling Development Ovary

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SCIENCE / Botany