Strategic Alignment

A Comprehensive Model

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This book introduces a specific philosophy to think about strategic management, as it is not a book to reinvent the concepts of strategic management and how to formulate, implement and control it, but rather it picks up one of the most important strands in which strategic management is concerned, which is the overall view of the organization as a whole like an open system. If strategic management is primarily concerned with achieving the major goals and making the dream a reality, then it is like a meal consisting of many components, where each component alone is not delicious, but mixing those components is what results in the proper taste. Consequently, any increase or decrease in one of these components may spoil the entire meal, despite the quality of those components, and this thought has sparked a large number of researchers about the importance of achieving a alignment between these components, and that giving more importance to one of its components than others may seriously harm the organization, in addition to its inability to achieve its desired goals.


Mohamed Ghonim


Mr. Mohamed Ghonim joined Mansoura Business School since September 2012 and he works now as an assistant lecturer of business administration at Mansoura University. Ghonim holds a marketing diploma and MSc in business administration.   

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Information Technology, Operations, Employees, Customers

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BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Production & Operations Management